COP28 Sustainability

The COP28 Sustainability Climate Conference-Bradford University

In the COP28 Sustainability Climate Challenge Conference, hosted by the Bradford University, the team comprising of Shreyas Baliga (9G), Dhanraj Palankar (9G), Aditya Rajesh( 9 G), Prasandhip Jawahar (9F) & Adithya Anush( 9 E) clinched the Second Runners- Up position.  The name of their project titled the Smart Feeders' Initiative received widespread appreciation. It aims to revolutionise urban agriculture through the implementation of high-yield Greenhouse Skyscrapers.  This ground breaking venture plans to incorporate advanced irrigation techniques like Aeroponics, Hydroponics, and Permaculture to ensure maximum productivity and benefits, reduce transport emissions and offer fresh, locally sourced produce to urban dwellers. Well done Team Infinity Green!

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