Our Own English High School – Sharjah, Boys Shine at the GMS Inter – School Badminton Tournament

11 June 2023

Our Own English High School – Sharjah, Boys showcased their skills at the Badminton tournament organized by GEMS Millennium School, Sharjah on 11 June, 2023. Twelve students from our school participated in the tournament, displaying exceptional talent and commitment.

In the Under 9 Doubles category, Ashmid Shafeek (Grade 4 G) and Adel Abram (Grade 2 F) secured the bronze medal. Prayag Bejoy (Grade 6 F) demonstrated his prowess in the Under 11 Singles category, also winning the bronze medal. Amit Prasanth (Grade 8 C) displayed remarkable skills in the Under 13 Singles category, earning another bronze medal. Additionally, in the Under 13 Doubles category, Amit Prasanth (Grade 8 C) partnered with Ethan Benny (Grade 8 E) to claim the bronze medal.

The collective efforts of our students exemplified their dedication, discipline, and passion for the sport, and we commend them for their exceptional performance.


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