8 June 2023

Little hands and imaginative minds came together in a creative burst of energy when the students of KG2 observed the ‘Best out of waste’ week from 5th to 8th June 2023.

This week highlighted the need to reduce the amount of waste generated due to our careless actions as human beings. The students were introduced to the 3Rs and learned how reducing waste, reusing items, and recycling certain waste items are some of the tiny, yet powerful ways in which we can help save our planet.

Our boys were provided with an opportunity to showcase their skills and innovative ideas by transforming discarded materials into useful and artistic creations. The week ended with a ‘Show and Tell’ activity wherein they described their best creation made with some waste materials which left everyone impressed. This sparked conversations and discussions about the importance of recycling and reducing waste, raising awareness and inspiring positive change. We are sure that these values have been imbibed in the young heart and minds by demonstrating this noble act of caring for our environment. 


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