The 23rd cycle of EEG's environmental public speaking competition

27 April 2023

The 23rd cycle of EEG's environmental public speaking competition, held on April 26th and 27th, was an incredible display of innovative ideas and thought-provoking discussions. Our OOBites, Samford Sebin, Avinash Prasad, and Sreepadmanabhan, participated in the sub-senior category, based on the topic of dwindling lakes and diminishing rivers. The second group consisting of Smaran Nair, Mohammed Zafar, Amil Abdul Manaf, Alfaz Anzar and Evan John participated in the senior category based on the topic of Reviving Indigenous Secrets: Unlocking Locally Driven Sustainable Change

Our boys put forth their passionate and eloquent arguments on environmental issues that require urgent attention. The air was charged with enthusiasm, as they ardently presented their well-researched viewpoints, bringing to light the need for collective action to address critical environmental concerns. The competition was a spectacle of compelling rhetoric, where young minds came together to ignite change and champion the cause of sustainability. It was a remarkable display of the power of words, and a testament to the fact that the youth of today are not only aware but also actively invested in preserving the planet for future generations.


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