Earth Day 2023

22 April 2023

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide on 22nd April, aimed at raising awareness and promoting actions for the protection and preservation of our planet. OOB embraced this important occasion by organizing a series of engaging activities, inspiring students to become responsible stewards of the environment. This year’s annual Earth Day celebration at OOB, highlighted how everyone can make a difference and work together for a brighter future—one deed at a time! 

The planet we call home continues to nurture life and inspire wonder. Our environment works hard to sustain us, which calls for us to return the favor. And what better way to remind the students of their responsibility towards our ‘Mother Earth’ than with engaging them with interesting hands-on ‘craftivities’. 

Helping the environment doesn't have to be a chore – and often it is the smallest deed that makes the biggest difference! Hence, we at OOB designed varied activities to introduce our students to the important issue of preserving the diversity of our world's animal and plant life. These range from making DIY toothpaste, seed balls, recycling bottles making interactive posters to interactive and informative presentations.

This Earth Day—and everyday—we encourage everyone to find one small act they can do to restore our Earth. It’s bound to take root and blossom into something beautiful.


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