How to make English classrooms lively and enjoyable?

28 Sep 2023

On 28th September 2023, staff of the English department at OOB attended an enlightening workshop organized by the Oxford University Press, titled- How to make teaching in the English classroom lively and enjoyable? The guest speaker for the day was none other than the legendary Nicholas Horsburgh; distinguished author at Oxford University Press, Founder and Teacher at Neel Bagh Chain of Schools and visionary in providing holistic education for children. 

Fueled by the experiences gained from years of dedicated service in educating young minds in the English language, Mr. Horsburgh shared classroom strategies to cater to the needs of all learners in the classroom. He demonstrated through a simple hands-on activity of drawing a camel, how diverse the perception and abilities of students in the classroom are and how it is crucial to meet the learners at their level to help build confidence and channel their abilities towards success. He further went on to discuss how students must be encouraged to take responsibility of their own learning which in turn leads to producing self-motivated problem solvers which is the need of the future. 

Our teachers brought home valuable lessons of differentiation, power of creativity and gamification of English classes to ensure maximum student participation and interest. These lessons will surely enable them to become better educators for our own talented boys. 


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