English Week

Language Odyssey: Celebrating English Excellence

7 Sep 2023

English Week at OOB, a week-long extravaganza from September 4th to 7th, was a vibrant celebration of the English language and its multifaceted allure. The focal point of this year's event was the riveting Spelling Bee and the Story Writing Competition. 

The Spelling Bee presented students with a medley of SAT words encompassing unscrambled terms, visual cues, and auditory challenges. The contest, marked by palpable intensity, witnessed participants unveiling their commendable prowess in spelling.

The Jashanmal Story Writing Competition emerged as a beacon for creativity and storytelling finesse. Entrants were furnished with a thematic premise or a thought-provoking prompt tasked with weaving an enthralling and original tale around it.

Both competitions resonated with fervent student participation, underscoring a genuine ardour for the English language. The resounding success of English Week bolsters our resolve to organise such events, fostering and exalting the linguistic and imaginative talents flourishing within our student community.


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