13 Dec 2023

On 13 December, 2023, Our Own English High School Sharjah-Boys captivated the audience with yet another successful edition of its Annual School Concert ‘ Eye’ conic- a fitting tribute to the obstacles faced by the visually challenged and their tenacity, grit , perseverance and persistence to overcome them. It was a sojourn through the throes of the unseen wherein ‘vision’ truly triumphed as the stage metamorphosed into a classroom resonating the ultimate anthology of humour, pathos, inspiration and resilience. The transformative concert included immersive technology, hologram, projection mapping and the use of Braille. The stellar concert had 114 students in varied aspects of production and earned rave reviews.  The production resounded with the message of “ensuring equity in opportunity so that no human intellect or life is wasted”. The White Cane truly beckoned!

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