OObites shine at GMSMUN

14 & 15 Oct 2023

The GEMS Millennium School, Sharjah, held its debut GMSMUN Conference on 14 & 15 October 2023. The Conference was held on a competitive basis with a total of six committees. The agenda of the conference included the following items:

  • United Nations Security Council - Assessing the Expanding Spheres of Influence & Global Power in a Multipolar World        
  • United Nations Human Rights Council - Safeguarding Humanity: International Efforts to Prevent and Address Genocide & Human Rights Violations
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - Ensuring the Safety of Asylum Seekers                  
  • United Nations International Children’s Fund - The Urgency of Responding to Child Abuse & Neglect: Supporting At-Risk Children

Six  students from OOB bagged the following prizes.

  • Philip Chummar - Best Research 
  • Juan Mathew - Best Delegate 
  • Samford Sebin - Best Speaker 
  • Mohammed Adam Khan – Best Delegate
  • Sreehari Deepu Nair - Honorable Mention 
  • Timothy Chummar - - Best Research 

GMSMUN has been a  learning experience with  long-lasting impression on the participants. Adam Khan, one of the participants, said, “GEMS Millennium School Model United Nations was immensely educating, enlightening, and interesting event. It allowed me to develop my social and oratory skills, further step out of my comfort zone, meet other students and establish connections with people of diverse backgrounds and opinions. It helped me to develop as a person, improve my capabilities, and utilize my true potential to benefit me, my school, and embody the spirit of a true global citizen.” 


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