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10 May 2023

On May 10th, 2023, OOB played host to yet another edition of "In Conversation With" program, that bestowed upon us the honor of welcoming the venerable Dr. Wale Okediran, an illustrious wordsmith renowned for his literary prowess. His presence was a beacon of enlightenment that illuminated the minds of students, faculty, and staff, captivating them in a profound korero.

Dr. Okediran unfurled his narrative tapestry, weaving together the threads of his personal background, experiences, and odyssey as an author. Like an alchemist revealing his secrets, he bestowed upon us the inner workings of his creative spirit, imparting wisdom on the genesis of his ideas while delving into the labyrinthine realm of writing. With grace and humility, he unveiled the trials and tribulations that beset those who dare to wield the pen.

In the hallowed halls of knowledge, the focus shifted to Dr. Okediran's latest literary opus, "Tenants of the House," an extraordinary historical novel that breathed life into Nigeria's vibrant tapestry of the 1960s. With eloquence befitting his stature, Dr. Okediran expounded upon the genesis of his tale, revealing the meticulous exploration of bygone eras that shaped his narrative mosaic.  Each question was met with the embrace of his knowledge, leaving a lasting impression that kindled the embers of inspiration within every soul present at the MPH.

The budding artist Shrivardhan Sanil Nair from 8E breathed life into a mesmerizing portrait that became a testament to the luminosity of the esteemed Dr. Okediran, capturing the very essence of his brilliance and charisma. In a moment of profound reverence, Adhib Zayan Subeesh from 5C, serving as a proxy for the absent artist, bestowed upon Dr. Okediran this opus of visual splendor, a heartfelt tribute that transcended the boundaries of time and space.

It’s quite evident that the "In Conversation With" program was a resplendent triumph. The event bestowed upon our students an unparalleled occasion to commune with a literary luminary, bestowing upon them the gift of enlightenment derived from his vast reservoir of experiences. We humbly express our gratitude to Dr. Okediran for gracing our institution with his presence, and we eagerly anticipate future programs that nurture the fertile ground of knowledge and inspiration.

Compiled by,
Ms. Reena Kurian


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