6 May 2023

The resplendent event, TEDxOOBSchool 2023, held on the 6th of May 2023, cast its luminous spotlight on the captivating theme of 'ALTERNATE REALITIES.' 

The theme 'ALTERNATE REALITIES' set the stage for attendees to delve into new perspectives and challenge their existing beliefs. TEDxOOBSchool 2023 featured exceptional speakers from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. 

Fifteen students delivered captivating talks that stimulated intellectual curiosity and encouraged attendees to explore different dimensions of reality. Along with 9 Oobites, 6 students, one each from OOD, OOIS, OOS, GMA, DPS (D) and GMS presented their notion.

It is a platform for students to share their ideas. The OOB one was organised heavily by the students, for the students. The boys ran the show throughout from tech support to graphics and PPTs, there were student curators and student volunteers.

The event served as a catalyst for attendees to challenge their beliefs, embrace new ideas, and strive for a more inclusive and enlightened society.


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