Embarking on Literary Journeys: The Stellar Storyteller Workshop

8 Jan 2023

Immersing ourselves in the enchanting world of storytelling, 'The Stellar Storyteller Workshop' unfolded on January 8, 2024, organized by the Voices of Future Generations (VoFG). This captivating event welcomed 34 creative young minds aged 8-12 along with a group of dedicated educators.

Distinguished guests, Ms. Loise Arabis, the event organizer and Project Administrator of VoFG, and Ms. Shama Noman, the Project Manager of VoFG, graced the occasion with their expertise, adding immense value by nurturing creativity and expression among our budding storytellers.

The dynamic sixty-minute session skillfully nurtured young writers into intelligent storytellers. Centered around authentic narratives and empathetic connections, the workshop delved into the art of persuasive storytelling, focusing on adventure. It equipped young authors with effective strategies to engage readers, ensuring an enriching and joyful storytelling experience.
As the workshop unfolded, Ms. Shama Noman shared her storytelling wisdom, skillfully guiding our students through the intricacies of weaving tales. Their passion for storytelling was palpable, igniting the spark of imagination within each participant.

The final 30 minutes engaged English teachers from primary and middle school, leading them through the Teacher Champion Workshop for the We Write Programme. This session efficiently briefed teachers on targets, providing clarity on competition criteria. Emphasizing key focus areas for the VoFG Writing Competition, it equipped educators with essential insights, fostering a supportive environment for students' writing endeavors.

May the Stellar Storyteller Workshop resonate and inspire a continued spirit of storytelling, curiosity and enlightenment!


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