waxing eloquent

Double win in Waxing Eloquent 2023

15 June 2023

Our own Philip Chummar of grade 7 and Samford Sebin of grade 10 clinched the Third and Second place in the Junior and Sub Senior categories respectively in the finals of Waxing Eloquent 2023 held at The Millennium School, Dubai, on the 15th of June. 

Out of 17 participating schools in the preliminary round held on the 8th of June, five students were shortlisted for the finals from each category. From OOB, Philip Chummar and Samford Sebin were qualified for the finals.

‘Nature’ was the common theme suggested for the Juniors. ‘The Big Tree’ by Garth Gilchrist was the passage delivered by Philip. In the interpretive reading of Sub senior level, Samford Sebin read the piece ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’ by Roald Dahl, and for the extempore, he spoke on the topic ‘Reflections’ and enthralled the audience in his inimitable style and humour. 

Overall it was an enriching and challenging experience for the participants.


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