OOB are the melody champions at the Inter – School Music Fest, Millennium Melodies

4 Feb 2023

Our boys won 1st place in the Millennium Melodies Inter-School Music Festival for Middle School hosted by The Millennium School, Dubai. They brought home the much-coveted trophy, edging past seven other schools. The 8th edition of Millennium Melodies, witnessed more than 200 students performing different songs under the theme "Times of Day." 

Our choir performed two songs, 'Memory' by Barbra Streisand and 'A Dark and Stormy Night' by Mark Burrows. A special word of appreciation to the make-up team comprising Mr. Srijesh, Ms. Samli, and Ms. Gayathri for making the boys look the very best on stage. Kudos to our boys, and their mentors, Ms. Shereen and Mr. Michael – who have been incredible in training the boys and encouraging them to believe in the power of their dreams. We hope to celebrate many more achievements!

The entire performance can be viewed here - 



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