29 June 2022

After a lull, the debating society is back!. Crossfire 2022 is back to its former glory. Crossfire is an annual debate competition that the Debating Society organizes for everyone interested in debate, irrespective of membership. Crossfire 2022 was held on 29 June, 2022 in Sheikh Zayed Multipurpose Hall from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Amongst 76 who attended the audition, 8 finalists went on stage in the debate round for Grades 7,8, 9 &10

Motion for Gr 9 &10 - 

“THBT the growth of the private automobile industry has been detrimental to society.”



  1. Mirav Prajapat
  2. Sreehari Deepu Nair
  3. Samford Sebin
  4.  Abijith Madhavankutty


  1. Ayaan Ahsan Rafiqui
  2. Gokul Krishnan
  3. Sreepadmanabhan Vimal
  4. Juan Mathew

Mr. Shane Alliew, the Supervisor, Gr 7& 8, Alan James Chittinappally, 12 D, and Ayan Kazi, alumnus debater were the adjudicators.

Motion for Gr 7 & 8 – 

“THW reduce the voting age to 16 years.”



  1. Kasinadh Anurag
  2. Muaadh Shabeer
  3. Gaurav Jayaprakash
  4. Mehathab Izaan


  1. Mohammed Ashaz Sami
  2. Raunak Sarkar
  3. Anish Jena
  4. Timothy Chummar

Ms. Juanita Gonsalves, Teacher, Primary Section, Alan James Chittinappally, 12 D, and Ayan Kazi, alumnus debater were the adjudicators.

Grades 9&10

The certificate for the best speaker, Proposition was awarded to Abijith Madhavankutty 10 C.
Juan Mathew (10 B) was adjudged the best speaker from side Opposition.

Grades 7 & 8

Gaurav Jayaprakash emerged as the Best Speaker, side proposition and Timothy Chummar, the best speaker, Opposition.

The judges, the ex-student judge, the audience, the participants and the organizers were all unanimous in hailing the show as “Great”! May the flame of debating never be extinguished.


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