Health is wealth


22 Sep 2022

With an aim to help children adopt a sustainable healthy lifestyle; empowering them to make a difference in their own lives and others, OOB Primary hosted ‘Health is Wealth Week’ from 19th September – 22nd September ’22.

A set of activities were planned offering shared learning experiences and guiding the little ones, not only to make healthy living choices but also to inspire a hopeful, positive outlook on our world and encourage children to make a positive contribution to their community.

19th September, Monday 
Grade 1 to 4 students engaged themselves in activities that helped them to choose their food wisely. The activities were the farmer’s basket for grade 1, ‘Show red to junk’ for grade 2, ‘Be food smart’ for grade 3, and ‘U R what U eat’ for grade 4.

20th September, Tuesday
The second day’s activities were focused on inculcating daily healthy habits such as reading the nutrition facts for grade 1 and reading the food label for grade 2. Grade 3 did a debate on different food groups whereas grade 4 had a session on zero food wastage and the students made a promise that they will not waste the food. An Intra class competition ‘My healthiest tiffin’ was also conducted from grade 1 to grade 4.

21st September, Wednesday 
On the third day, it was setting a healthy plate for grade 1 and making a Popsicle toothbrush for grade 2 that got them busy. Grade 3 students made zero-waste homemade toothpaste and grade 4 learned about the nutrition facts in different food products and wrote them on post-it notes.
A dental awareness campaign was also done by grade 4 students where they went to the classes and taught their juniors the importance of dental hygiene.

22nd September, Thursday 
Students from grades 1 to 4 made themselves lemonade, a detox drink, a healthy sandwich, and a fruit pizza on the last day of the week. 
The week culminated with a distribution of healthy medals for the students where they wrote the takeaway from the 1-week long activities.
A super fun and creative ‘Parental Engagement Activity’ was also organized during the week wherein the parents competed against each other in partnership with their ward as they made their food pyramid with the healthiest foods. 


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