Mathematics gives us hope that every problem has a solution

12 Sep 2022

Math week was observed in OOB from September 12 to September 15, 2022. The objective of Math Week was to teach complex mathematics to students in a simple and engaging manner. 
The Primary department students actively engaged in a variety of events, including shapes, math parade, and "Be an Entrepreneur." Students paraded with "Props" and appropriate costumes to demonstrate mathematical expressions/operations. Students performed simple banking procedures and services utilizing Bank and Currency Exchange simulations, as well as re-created a pattern with seven identical shapes without overlap.

The Junior middle school department's assembly on the theme- “Math is in me” was a big success. The 'Math market stall' provided students with the opportunity to engage in brain teasers and math tricks using Vedic math principles and code-breaking exercises.

Senior middle school students made presentations about the Field's medal, mathematics in space, and real-world applications. The “Math fair” provided students with the opportunity to engage students with brain teasers and math maze.

 Rubik's cube live challenge, Monty hall problem show, Math art, Math eye, and model presentation were the highlights of the secondary and senior department.

The weeklong sessions improved the children's ability to reason and solve math problems. The success of Math Week in introducing kids to the wonderful realm of mathematics was phenomenal.


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